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German patterns are far and away my favorite coins. They are rare, under-appreciated (in terms of demand and value), and they offer a variety of design types that are intriguing and attractive. The best (and only) reference for these coins is Rudolf Schaaf's "DIE PROBEN DER DEUTSCHEN MUENZEN".  Although written in German, this book is easy to use because of the many illustrations. Krause-Mishler list many patterns in the Standard Catalog of World Coins (SCWC), but lack photographs of most of the pieces.  Some KM-Pn** numbers are included below. Click on any of the images for an enlarged view of the coin, then use the back arrow to return to this page.

Germany/Bavaria (1866-1871) Thaler, PCGS PR64DCAM 18488119, Silver.  This remarkable pattern has superb surfaces and a gentle layer of subtle toning.  The obverse features a bust of the "Mad King" Ludwig II of Bavaria, as seen on the Thalers of this period.  The reverse is blank and surrounded by a raised rim.  Extremely Rare.  $3,000

Germany/Bavaria 1913 2 Mark, Schaaf 51/G1, Copper, PCGS PR64RD CAM 83277824 $500.00

Germany/Bavaria 1913 3 Mark, Schaaf 52/G1, Copper, PCGS PR65CAM 83277825 $500.00

Germany/Bavaria 1913 20 Mark, Schaaf 202/G1, Copper, PCGS PR64RD CAM 83277826 $500.00

Germany/Prussia 1913 3 Mark, Schaaf 113/G1, Silver, PCGS PR64CAM 83277828, Rare $400.00 SOLD

Germany/Prussia 1904 4 Mark, Schaaf ad103a/G1, Silver PCGS PP62 84146083 $2,500.00

Germany (1873) 1 Pfennig Schaaf 1/G2, Copper,  PCGS MS62BN 84146082 $300.00

Germany 1908 25 Pfennig, Schaaf 18/G5, Nickel, PCGS PR63 84146084 $300.00

Germany 1908-D 25 Pfennig, Schaaf 18/G25, Copper, PCGS PR62BN 84113664 $225.00

Germany 1908-D 25 Pfennig Schaaf 18/G27, Copper, PCGS PR64RB 84146085 $275.00

Germany 1908-D 25 Pfennig Schaaf 18/G30, Copper, PCGS PR64RB 8414686 $275.00

Germany 1908-D 25 Pfennig, Schaaf 18/G30, Silver, PCGS PR62 83277833 $300.00

Germany (1877) 50 Pfennig Schaaf 8/G4 Proof-66 Copper, uniface reverse $750.00 Reduced to $675.00

Germany Undated 1 Mark, Schaaf 17/G1, Silver-plated Copper, PCGS SP62 83277829 $400.00

Germany 1925-D 3 Mark, Schaaf 320a/G3, Obverse 2, Reverse 2, Copper, PCGS SP64BN 18488121 $400.00